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General Purpose Machines


Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, our capability ensures cost-effectiveness. Creativity and innovation enable us to produce parts that are unachievable by others.

- G&M Gears maintains an active quality control program to assure customers the best quality of products.
- Our quality assurance program is based on ISO/9002 and calibration system requirements AQAP-6 and MIL STD 45662 A.
- Our Manufacturing Quality Program is devised to provide a standard method for complete control over all phases of operations, to continually improve the system and to offer the flexibility to comply with customer requirements and military standards.


Our Quality ensures our clients of the manufacturing of world class products at competitive prices, and reduced lead time to meet their market demand.

As your reliable supplier, G&M Gears understands its role of "NEW PARTNERSHIP" with our clients. We respond promptly to their concerns of higher quality, reduced cost and improved profit margin.


General Purpose Machines


  • 1. High precision lathes
  • 2. Milling machines
  • 3. Drill presses
  • 4. Broaching machine
  • 5. Key slotting machine
  • 6. Grinding machines
  • 7. Gas cutting machine
  • 8. Welding sets
  • 9. Painting equipment
  • 10. Tool grinders



  • 1. Bendix Digital Coordinates Measuring Machine
  • 2. Fellows Gear Involute Tester with Recorder/Printer
  • 3. Fellows lead measuring Tester with Recorder/Printer
  • 4. Mitutoyo Shadowgrapher for measuring Tooth Profile
  • 5. Hurth Gear Noise Tester



  • Precision gears
  • Full service tooling and prototype
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Machining of parts & components
  • Fabrication & assembly

R & D... military and commercial applications


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